Wicked Words

treading water and running behind.

This is a fannish LJ. Some of the material in this LJ is adult-only fiction, so no one who is not a legal adult in their country should be reading this journal. By friending me and by reading this LJ, you declare yourself to be 'of age' and you can legally read that type of material.

Currently, I am doing a lot of work on the Fanlore wiki, which is full of really interesting tidbits on media fandom, slash fandom, band fandom, and anime history. My User Page talks a lot about me, me, me, but I think you'd enjoy skimming through articles and seeing what's there. A lot of it is rough, as the wiki's pretty new, but we're always looking for people to want to pitch in. You don't have to be an expert in anything to give it a try.

My McKay/Sheppard mood theme was created by wearmyhat

I give blanket permission for my fiction to be remixed and for anyone to wants to make a podfic of my work to do so.